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We believe that the businesses we cater to deserve world-class talents and because of that, the applicants go through a very rigorous hiring process during talent acquisition. They are also filtered through Psychological and Personality Tests on top of the Traditional Credentials Qualification Process. Our agents are also fluent in the following languages:

  • English 

  • Portuguese 

  • Spanish 

  • French

  • Dutch


Before they are endorsed to Operations and before they undergo Product Training, they first go through another 2-week Training Phase (Communications Training) to better build their core foundation prior to Systems Navigation. 

  • MS Office Course 

  • Conversational Skills Training 

  • Conversational Structure Training 

  • Phone Etiquette Training 

  • American Geography Training 

  • American Culture Training


We pride on a three-hectare facility that includes: 

  • Talent Acquisition 

  • HR Department 

  • Operations 

  • Training Rooms 

  • Training Suite 

  • Conference Rooms

  • Townhall 

  • Pantry 

  • Recreational Area

  • Basketball Court

  • Function Halls 

  • Security 

  • Dormitory 

  • Parking Lot 


It is indeed a fact that Haiti is a third-world country in terms of Socio-economic standing however, due to the persistence of the government and its private sector, the advancement of Haiti as a country with regard to education and professional strides have opened the doors for more investors to consider Haiti as a quality outsource pool. 

BUZZ INCC pursues educational attainment and advancement in the hopes of economic growth. 

We do not need donations nor pity, allow us to show you how great our skillset is and We assure you, our clientele, that you have made the best decision in making us your outsource provider.

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